ThermoDEK™-18 system

ThermoDEK™-18 - Super-thin, highly efficient overfloor system, with a solid gypsum dry-screed panel at its heart.

It provides a high-output, low-profile, high-strength solution, which can typically be laid over existing floors.

Suitable for low and high-temperature systems, it incorporates our SUPERflex™-12 pipe, making installation easy even on the coldest of days on site.

The fitting system uses two panels: the main panel for the straight runs, and the return panel (ThermoDEK™-18R) at opposite ends of the room.

Ideal for renovations, especially where floor height is limited, it provides a unique solution for whole house or for single room projects. The tongue and groove profile ensures the panels lock together easily.

ThermoDEK™ can be covered with all common floor finishes including engineered wood, tiles, vinyls, and carpets. Some will require additional finishing layers, but our Technical Sales Advisers will advise you about that.

Key system characteristics:

  • Super-thin: just 18mm
  • High output and high efficiency
  • Solid gypsum panel for extra strength
  • Tongue and groove profile
  • Suits all floor coverings
  • Can be part of a mixed system
ThermoDEK™-18 system
ThermoDEK™-18 system
ThermoDEK™-18 system
ThermoDEK™-18 system