Acoustic layers

Preventing noise being transmitted between floors is critical between apartments and desirable within two-storey homes.

At Continal® we help you work out the best way to achieve this in conjunction with our underfloor heating systems, rather than leaving it to chance.

With traditional screed systems, the density of the screed helps deaden noise and minimises impact / percussive noise. However, laying screed on intermediate floors is not really the best solution: we have far better products for that. If screed is your choice, simply laying AcoustiMat™ below the insulation can reduce the noise transmission.

For intermediate floors or joisted floors, two solutions exist which can be used on their own or together for best results. And our SlimFix®, OneBoard® and TileFix® composite floor systems are inherently noise attenuating.

To reduce transmission of percussive noise, simply lay AcoustiMat™ under the board systems, bonding on both sides. This 5mm thick resilient robust rubber composite sheet deadens the noise.

To add density and absorption without having to lay a wet screed, with all the mess and time delays while it dries, use our DriDEK™-20 dry gypsum screed boards over the top of our panels. The unique locking tongue and grooves, and the dense 20mm thickness, ensure a solid, stable and strong floor.

Our goal is to provide you with a source of advice and the products you need to install a heated floor that works – we don’t provide a part of the system and leave it up to you to try to figure out how it all goes together.

To chat about a project just call one of our Technical Sales Advisers, and they’ll talk you through the options, make suggestions. They’ll be your single point of contact from the start to the finish of your project.